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Top 4 Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Everyone can benefit from opening and using a new credit card, even if you have bad credit. In fact, if you’ve struggled with your credit score in the past, responsible credit card usage is one of the most powerful steps you can take towards improving your credit. 

Your credit score changes every month, so you can start to build and repair your credit immediately. When you open a new credit card account and use it with care, the credit card company reports on your good habits to the credit bureaus. Keep building your new habits and your credit score will start to improve.

Learn about our four favorite credit cards for people with bad credit. We’ll break down what makes each card special, plus examine the benefits each card can give you. Explore some of the best credit cards for bad credit and start repairing your credit with a new account today.

OpenSky Credit Card

The OpenSky credit card is a Visa card that can help you build or repair your credit. Like all Visa cards, an OpenSky card is universally accepted. Mobile use and fraud prevention are both included with your account. The OpenSky secured visa credit card is unique in that you don’t need a credit check to start using your card. This card is a great option if your low credit score is preventing you from opening new accounts with other companies.


  • OpenSky offers secured accounts. To start using your account, you’ll make a one-time deposit between $200 to $3,000. This secured deposit funds the account.
  • You set your own credit limit of up to $3,000.
  • Enjoy Visa’s secure access, name recognition, and fraud protection services.
  • You can set automatic payments and payment reminders to stay on top of your account.

Best Benefits

  • No credit check is necessary.
  • No hard credit pull shows up on your credit record.
  • No annual fee.
  • Your monthly payments are reported to credit bureaus each month, boosting your credit score with regular payments.
  • Build credit without the risk of unsecured credit card debt.

First Progress Credit Card

First Progress offers the Platinum Elite Mastercard, which provides many benefits if you’re just starting to repair your credit. This card does not require a minimum credit score to open an account, making this a perfect choice for consumers who need to rebuild credit. The First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard  Secured Credit Card is accepted nationwide as well as online, and charges an annual fee that is low compared to many cards. If other companies have denied your credit card application because of a low credit score, give First Progress a shot.


  • The Platinum Elite Mastercard is available with a low annual fee of only $29.
  • You can open an account with any credit score.
  • This card is a secured account and does require a security deposit.

Best Benefits

  • This card has the lowest annual fee offered by First Progress
  • Your Mastercard is accepted nationwide.
  • This account is perfect for consumers with low scores.
  • You can continue to build your credit score with monthly activity that is reported to credit bureaus.

Horizon Gold Credit Card

The Horizon Gold Credit Card is a store credit card offered by Horizon Gold Outlet, an online store that sells many different discounted goods. The Horizon Gold card is only accepted at Horizon Gold Outlet, but your responsible use of this card can still help boost your credit score. Your Horizon Gold card features a 0% interest rate so this account has little risk compared to high-interest accounts.


  • Horizon Gold cards are available without a credit check or hard credit pull.
  • Instantly receive a $500 credit limit which can be spent on clothing, home goods, pet supplies, and more.
  • The Horizon Gold membership costs $24.95 a month.
  • Your account includes other benefits such as legal guidance, privacy protection, prescription medication discounts, roadside assistance, and much more.

Best Benefits

  • There is a 0% APR on purchases.
  • This account features low minimum monthly payments, which start at $25 or 10% of the account balance
  • Keep building your credit with monthly reports to credit bureaus
  • This unsecured account does not require a security deposit. 

Grand Reserve Credit Card

The Grand Reserve World Mastercard is a niche card that’s perfect for wine lovers. If you love wine and want to build credit while enjoying account rewards, apply for a Grand Reserve World Mastercard to earn 5x points at Grand Reserve Partner wineries and wine clubs. Enjoy elevated points by spending at other wineries, bars, and restaurants, as well as double points everywhere else.

Key Benefits

  • A powerful points system rewards you for spending. Even if you’re not a wine expert, you will still earn double points on every purchase, plus triple points at restaurants.
  • Redeem points for gifts and trips, starting with as few as 750 points.
  • Sign-up bonus includes 50,000 bonus points with an initial $3,000 spending requirement.
  • Annual fee of $149 is waived the first year.
  • Enjoy other cardholder benefits on shipping and delivery services, plus wireless cell phone protection options.

Best Benefits

  • Points accrue immediately instead of waiting for the end of the billing cycle.
  • No foreign transaction fee.
  • Encourage good spending habits with points and rewards.
  • This card reports to the major credit bureaus, offering monthly opportunities to build your credit score.

Keep Using Your Account to Repair Your Credit

Opening a new credit account is an important step in rebuilding your credit. Your new account shows that you are working to repair your financial situation. Whether you choose a secured credit account, a store credit card, or a points-driven card, you are actively improving your financial situation.

Make sure to use your account in a reasonable, responsible manner to get the most benefit from your new card. Your credit card company reports on your usage habits each month to the major credit bureaus, so be sure to check your credit score regularly for improvements. Build a habit of making small purchases and paying them off each month to establish a meaningful credit history. You can look forward to a higher credit score and improved financial options as you keep safely using your new account.

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