How Does the Milestone Gold Mastercard® Work?

Posted on February 18, 2021 in Credit Cards

Are you trying to improve your credit score? Try adding this credit card to your wallet. The Milestone Gold Mastercard® lets you prequalify and does not require a security deposit. If you need the benefits of a Mastercard® but have bad credit or even a prior bankruptcy, then this is the card for you. So, now that you are interested, I bet you are wondering how the Milestone Gold Mastercard® works?

Most credit cards require a hard pull of your credit score and often deny people who suffer from a poor one. Sometimes even if you are approved, the credit card company requires you to pay a security deposit to receive your new credit card. The Milestone credit card does not have any of these stipulations.

With this card, you can pre-qualify, which means you can review your offer before applying, so you know your options without a hard pull. Keep in mind that for approval, your application will still be subject to credit approval. Finally, this card does not require any time security deposit to accept any kind of credit approval.

Milestone Gold Mastercard® Details

The Milestone Gold Mastercard® is easy to get approved because you can prequalify and do not pay a security deposit once approved. As such, the approval rates for this card are high. Once you are approved, you can start using your card right away. You start with $300 in available credit but keep in mind your set up fee and annual fee come out of your available credit. So, realistically your starting credit roughly $225.

You can use this card like you would any other card. You can shop online, in-store, at malls, groceries, restaurants, and many other places. All of your payments are reported to the major credit bureaus, so your credit score will improve as you make the payments.

Here are all the details of the Milestone Gold Mastercard®:

  • $300 Credit Line
  • 24.9% Fixed APR
  • $35-99 Annual Fee
  • $0 application fee, and you can pre-qualify
  • No security deposits

Milestone Gold Mastercard® Credit Limit

This credit card is ideal for someone trying to build or repair credit. Since it is easy to qualify and requires no security deposit, you are almost guaranteed to get a credit line from which you can start to build or repair yours.  The Milestone Gold Mastercard® only comes with one limit: $300. Also, keep in mind that your annual fee and setup fee come out of your credit line, so your starting credit line is roughly $225. You only have to pay the setup fee once, but the annual fee is charged every year.

$300 is a small amount of credit but should be enough to help you repair or build credit.

Milestone Gold Mastercard® App

This credit card also offers easy account access and management through their web app. The site allows lets you make a payment, dispute a charge, check your balance, and access your account status at any time. Best of all, this app does not charge you for making payments or checking your balances.

To use the application, you simply need to set up your online account through Milestone’s website. After you register, you can access all your credit card information. You can additionally opt for paperless statements that are sent to your online account versus mailed paper statements.

Milestone Gold Mastercard® Benefits

The primary benefit of the Milestone Gold Mastercard® is how easy it is to qualify and get approved. The company removed many of the barriers preventing consumers with poor or no credit from getting approved. If you are trying to rebuild your credit, this credit card is perfect for you.

Here are all of the benefits summarized:

  • Fast and easy approval
  • No security deposit after approval
  • You can shop anywhere
  • Payments are reported to major reporting bureaus
  • Fixed APR rate   
  • Online account management
  • Fraud Protection

Milestone Gold Mastercard® Application

The application for this credit card is fast and easy. As previously stated, they offer pre-qualifying, which means you can see what if you qualify before the company completes any hard pull from a reporting bureau. The application process also does not perform an employment verification.

The process for pre-qualifying mirrors the normal application process. You will need your name, social security number, and email address, and phone number. Once you give all the appropriate information, the company will reach out to you to let you know if you pre-qualify. If you did, they will go ahead and complete the final steps and get you approved.

Keep in mind that pre-qualifying is not the same thing as approved. So, once you see your options after pre-qualifying, the company may still have to complete a hard pull that may impact your credit score to get you approved. Once you are approved, you are free to use your card. The Milestone Gold Mastercard® does not require any kind of security deposit.

Build and Monitor Credit with the Milestone Gold Mastercard®

A credit card review of the Milestone Gold Milestone Gold Mastercard® positions it as one of the best options for people with bad credit, and for those looking to rebuild or build credit. If you have poor or no credit, the easy approval process ensures you will have an avenue to start building a credit history. The company also offers an application where you can easily make your monthly payments and monitor your account 24/7. As an additional benefit, this should help you make your payments on time, avoid interest rate charges, and keep your balance at a level that will build your credit.

Overall, the credit card will also help you build wise credit habits like making your payments on time and monitoring your balance. Reinforcing these smart habits is one of the underlying benefits of owning this card. Ultimately if you are suffering from a poor or no credit history, this card can help you get back on the right track with little risk.

Milestone Gold Mastercard® Customer Service

The Milestone Gold Milestone Gold Mastercard® also offers an abundance of customer service benefits. In the web application you can chat with a customer service representative while you are also accessing your account after a simple log in process. They also have a toll-free phone number you can call at 1-866-453-2636. Additionally, on their website they have a bucket of helpful information on their frequently asked questions page. You can access the page here.

Apply for the Milestone Gold Mastercard® Credit Card Today!

With high approval rates, no application fee, and a $300 credit line the Milestone Gold Mastercard® can be considered one of the best credit cards for bad credit or those looking to improve their credit score. See if you pre qualify for the Milestone Gold Milestone Gold Mastercard® today!

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