Credit Saint Review 2023: A Top Credit Repair Company

Posted on May 25, 2021 in Money

Credit Saint is a good option for customers who want to improve their credit score thanks to three different levels of monthly credit repair plans. Read our full credit saint review to find out if this credit repair company is right for you.

Good credit is vital to your overall financial health. Your credit history and your credit scores impact you in many ways. Credit influences your ability to qualify for credit cards and loans. It can also affect the price you pay for financing, your insurance premiums, and much more. With you a Credit Saint you can get a FREE credit consultation with a Professional Credit Analyst who will review your reports with you and get you set up on the path to a Better Credit Life.

When something goes wrong on your credit reports, it’s important to take action quickly. And if your credit problems are caused by credit reporting errors, a prompt response might be even more critical. Thankfully, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) empowers you with rights that you can exercise if credit reporting errors happen to you.

There are two primary approaches to dealing with credit errors. You can try to fix your credit inaccuracies yourself, or you can hire a credit repair company to work with you.

Below is a review of a top-rated credit repair company, Credit Saint, and the credit restoration services it offers. You’ll also find an overview of how the credit repair process works, and some guidance to help you decide whether hiring a credit repair professional, like Credit Saint, is right for you.

Credit Saint Credit Repair Review

Credit Saint is based in Oakland, New Jersey. The credit restoration company first opened its doors in 2007. For almost a decade and a half, the company has educated consumers about credit and helped its customers work to repair their credit.

Throughout 14 years in business, a review of Credit Saint shows that the company has earned a number of notable accolades. Perhaps the most impressive among these honors is a number one ranking for challenging inaccurate credit data.

No Upfront Fee

Credit Saint customers pay in arrears for the work the company does on their behalf. One of the first things you should consider when you hire a credit repair company is whether it charges an upfront fee. According to the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), credit repair companies aren’t allowed to make you pay for services in advance.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

A key feature that sets Credit Saint apart from many other credit repair companies is an industry-leading 90-day money back guarantee. Warranties or guarantees themselves aren’t unusual in the credit repair space. However, Credit Saint offers a full refund if you don’t see any changes on your credit reports after three months and you wish to cancel. Some credit repair companies merely “guarantee” to stop charging you when you’re ready to end your membership.

Multiple Pricing Options for Different Budgets

Credit Saint membership packages start as low as $79.99 per month, after an initial work fee of $99. By comparison, some other credit repair companies’ monthly fees are $99 and up, and initial fees may begin at around $199.

A review of Credit Saint shows that there are three different membership options so you can choose which option is the best fit for your budget.

Membership PackageInitial Work FeeMonthly FeeAggressiveness Level
Credit Polish$99.00$79.99Medium
Credit Remodel$99.00$99.00High
Clean Slate$195.00$119.99Very High

The 3 Membership Packages

Credit Saint’s most aggressive membership package, the Clean Slate, offers customers unlimited disputes to all three credit reporting agencies. So, each time Credit Saint sends disputes on your behalf, it will ask the credit bureaus to investigate as many accounts as you wish to review.

The company’s most affordable membership package, the Credit Polish, includes disputes for up to five inaccuracies at a time. With this $79.99-per-month plan, you won’t receive the inquiry targeting or Experian credit report monitoring that is available with Credit Saint’s other two membership options.

Finally, the Credit Remodel includes most of the benefits of the Clean Slate membership package (challenges to all three credit bureaus, credit score analysis, creditor interventions, credit score tracker, inquiry targeting, and Experian monitoring). But you can only challenge up to 10 inaccuracies from your credit report items per dispute cycle with this mid-level membership tier.

At the time of enrollment, you also have the option to add one additional family member from the same household and have their initial work fee of $99 or $195 waived. The second family member will have to pay his or her regular monthly fee, however, moving forward.

Credit Saint Reviews and Reputation

Credit Saint is accredited with the Better Business Bureau as a no-advance-fee credit repair provider. The company currently has an A- rating. By comparison, many other credit repair companies feature BBB ratings that are significantly lower. The company is also the highest-rated credit repair company on at least a dozen different consumer services review websites including Money, Discover Magazine, and Consumer Affairs. Additionally, Credit Saint reviews currently display 4.3 stars from more than 950 Google reviews.

A Review of The Credit Saint Credit Repair Process

Here’s a look at the credit repair timeline that a Credit Saint customer might experience.

1. Schedule a free credit consultation.

You can learn more about how Credit Saint may be able to help you with a free initial credit consultation. The free credit consultation doesn’t obligate you to become a paid member of the credit repair program. So, if you’re on the fence and are reading this Credit Saint review, a free consultation could help you make a final decision.

There is one con here. Credit Saint’s services are not available in 13 states (Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Idaho, Maine, Washington D.C., Ohio, Oregon, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, and South Carolina).

2. Sign up and choose your membership package.

If you decide that you do want the Credit Saint team to work on your behalf, you can begin the signup process online or over the phone.

You will need to:

  • Provide your personal information (name, address, Social Security number, etc.).
  • Choose a membership package (Clean Slate, Credit Polish, or Credit Remodel).
  • Verify your identity via email. (Credit Saint may ask you to send copies of certain documents to confirm your personal information.)

While you’re working on your checklist, Credit Saint will provide you with the following:

  • A Credit Monitoring Account
  • A Review of Your Credit History
  • Tips for Optimizing Your Credit Reports

Note: During the Credit Saint review process you’ll identify which credit report details you want Credit Saint to dispute.

3. Meet your advisory team and the dispute process begins.

After the initial work (above) is complete on your account, Credit Saint will send disputes to the credit bureaus on your behalf. At the same time, the company will connect you with an advisory team to keep you updated and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll also receive access to an online account where you can monitor your progress. Your account dashboard includes a timeline and details from your initial credit analysis details.

4. Wait for your credit dispute results.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), a credit bureau has 30-45 days (depending on the circumstances) to investigate a dispute. At the end of the investigation, new reports will be recovered for you . This update let’s you know if the disputed items have been deleted, updated, or verified as accurate.

Credit Saint will then begin your next 45-day dispute cycle and the process repeats. Most customers opt for several rounds of dispute cycles to thoroughly address the errors on their credit reports. But you are free to cancel your membership at any time.

Again, the company offers a 90-day money back guarantee you can take advantage of if you don’t see any inaccuracies deleted from your credit reports during your first three months of membership.

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Should You Repair Your Credit Yourself?

If you’re reading this Credit Saint review, you’re probably asking yourself if it’s worth it to take advantage of their service, or try to repair your credit yourself. The FCRA gives you the right to dispute information on your credit report by yourself, if you wish to do so. Credit Saint discloses this fact to anyone who visits its website. (Note: If you ever encounter a credit repair company that doesn’t inform you of your right to challenge credit errors yourself, that’s a big red flag.)

Depending on your situation, the do-it-yourself credit repair approach might be best. For example, if you have a very tight budget and can’t afford to pay for credit repair services, it might be better to try to fix your credit on your own. Credit Saint even provides free credit advice via the company’s blog that might help you in this situation.

Yet there are several reasons why you might benefit from professional credit repair help.

  1. Your schedule is busy.
    You have the right to try to fix credit inaccuracies on your own thanks to the FCRA. Yet you’re the only one who knows whether you’re likely to follow through on managing what can sometimes be a tedious credit dispute process. If you’re unlikely to give your credit repair efforts the attention they deserve due to a busy schedule, having someone else take the reigns might be wise.

  2. You can afford a reasonable monthly fee for professional credit repair services.
    Everyone likes to stretch their hard-earned money. But if you have room in your budget (or can cut a few expenses to make room), professional credit repair services might be well worth the investment. With membership starting as low as $79.99 per month, you could consider eating out less, cutting cable, or finding another way to free up the funds you need to work with the Credit Saint team.

  3. You’re overwhelmed.

Another sign that you might benefit from professional credit repair help is if you feel overwhelmed at the thought of navigating the process alone. Consumer protection laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) give you a lot of rights where credit reporting accuracy and debt collection is concerned. But researching (and fully understanding) those rights takes time. When you hire a reputable credit repair company, such as the highly reviewed Credit Saint organization, you have access to advisors with knowledge of these and other consumer protection laws to guide you.

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