Credit Saint vs. Retake My Credit: Which Credit Monitoring Service Is Best

Posted on April 28, 2022 in Credit Cards

Searching for the best credit monitoring services available? We compared two of the best options on the market today: Retake My Credit vs. Credit Saint. Both offer excellent credit building and monitoring services, but there are some key differences that may make one the better choice for your specific situation.

Consumers can use credit monitoring to keep track of their credit history and score to discover possible fraudulent activities. Credit monitoring services generally work by alerting you if something changes your credit report or if a new inquiry is made.

Credit monitoring services are a must when trying to recover from a bad credit or trying to build your credit. But with so many services out there, it’s nearly impossible to know which ones really deliver and which ones waste your time.

That’s why we have researched for you. We will review two popular services: Retake My Credit and Credit Saint. While both companies offer excellent services for rebuilding your credit, some differences exist.

Read on to see which credit monitoring service is best for you.

What is Credit Saint?

Credit Saint is a credit repair firm that provides credit repair services to individuals and businesses. The company offers different pricing packages for personal use and business use.  

Credit Saint has been in business since 2004 and specializes in fixing bad credit. They offer three different pricing plans for individuals to help you remove any negative information from your credit reports. If there are issues on your report, such as late payments or fraud accounts you didn’t open, Credit Saint can help you dispute these items so that they are removed from your reports.

Additionally, before you sign up for a plan with Credit Saint, the company will provide you with a free credit analysis to see where you stand with all three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. This way, you know how many points you have lost because of negative information on your reports.

How does Credit Saint work?

To begin repairing your credit, Credit Saint will ask you to provide them with a copy of your credit report. You can request one for free from Other online sites also offer credit reports at a fee. You can also contact one of the major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian) directly for a copy of your report.

Once you have provided Credit Saint with a copy of your credit report, they will analyze the report and identify which items need to be disputed with the credit bureaus or creditors. At this point, you’ll sign their contract and pay a one-time setup/enrollment fee followed by a monthly fee for service. They will then send out customized dispute letters to initiate the repair process on your behalf.

You can also enroll in their monthly monitoring service (for an additional fee). This will allow you to monitor your progress regularly and ensure that any negative items are being corrected on time.

How does Retake My Credit work?

Retake My Credit monitoring service can help you keep track of your credit reports and scores, remove negative items from your credit report, as well as help build your credit. They offer a free initial consultation and one low price monthly plan option.

With credit monitoring, they watch your credit and alert you to changes in your TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax personal credit reports. As soon as new information is added to your report, they let you know by email or phone (you decide which notifications you want to receive). They also give you the details about what changed.

Retake My Credit monitoring service includes the following.

  • Instant action alerts sent directly to your phone so you can stop breaches to your credit report immediately.
  • Monthly 3 bureau credit report audits that flag any negative item on your credit report. All negative items are immediately flagged and sent for dispute. All dispute letters are handled by consumer protection attorneys who specialize in credit disputing and have been doing so for over 20 years.
  • Credit building tools and resources in your personal portal so you can build your credit score, and $1 million dollar ID/Theft insurance policy.

What both Credit Saint and Retake My Credit Excel at

Since both credit saint and retake my credit are credit monitoring services, they have many similarities. Here are some ways they work the same;

One main goal: Credit Saint and Retake My Credit both offer credit repair services

Both companies have the same mission statement: To provide honest and affordable credit repair services to clients to assist them reach their financial goals.

Free Initial Consultation

Both services offer a free initial consultation, so you understand the process and know what steps need to be taken to improve your credit score.

Thorough Research and Reviews of Credit Reports

Both offer free consultations with their experts, who will help you devise a plan to improve your credit score. The specialists will also provide an initial review of your credit report, and they’ll conduct an extensive audit of your report.  

Both Credit Saint and Retake My Credit offer a similar range of credit repair services but have some significant differences:

Differences Between Credit Saint vs. Retake My Credit Monitoring Services

1. Customer Service

Credit Saint offers a broad approach to credit repair that includes credit counseling. The company’s website includes an extensive library of information about credit, including how to improve credit scores, manage money, and avoid identity theft.

Retake My Credit offers similar credit building resources but has a stronger focus on customer service and support. The company offers a phone number for client support and a dedicated case manager from the day you sign up.

2. Approach to Credit Score

Credit Saint has a three-step system to help you improve your credit score. First, it attempts to remove any suspicious or invalid items from your report. It then builds good credit by continuing to dispute the remaining negative marks. The third step involves monitoring your credit report to ensure that no new items appear that could decrease your score in the future.

Retake My Credit also has a four-step process for improving your credit score. The first step involves 24/7 credit monitoring. The next step is their proprietary monthly credit report audit which is their proactive approach to finding issues before they become a problem. Next, consumer protection attorneys dispute inaccurate, fraudulent, or unverifiable information from your report, including items such as late payments and medical debts. The fourth step includes rebuilding damaged credit with personalized educational tools provided to each client in their client portal.

3. Types of Credit Monitoring Services

Both organizations work on important aspects of credit wellness, but the main distinction between Credit Saint and Retake My Credit is how Retake My Credit handles the dispute process. All of their disputes are handled by consumer protection attorneys with over 20 years of credit experience. Credit Saint, on the other hand, writes their own letters internally.

More often than not, an attorney has a greater chance of success with the credit bureaus in a shorter time frame over a standard letter from a credit repair company such as Credit Saint. There is no file too difficult or complex for attorneys to handle, which gives Retake My Credit a significant competitive advantage over Credit Saint.

Which Credit Monitoring Service Should you choose?

Buying a credit monitoring service is a smart move, and both Credit Saint and Retake My Credit are great options. These companies are like the fire alarm for your credit report. They alert you when there are changes to your credit history so that you can prevent damage to your score.

How do you know which credit monitoring service is the best with so many options to choose from?

Before choosing your credit monitoring service, it’s important to understand what services will work best for your situation. If you’re not sure which type of credit monitoring service will best meet your needs, here’s a quick breakdown:

Credit report monitoring – This is the most basic form of credit monitoring. It alerts you when there are changes to your credit profile; however, it does not provide the scores themselves. Services may also be limited to one or two of the major bureaus.

Credit score monitoring – This form of credit monitoring provides monthly updates on your credit score and history, although some may limit reports to one or two bureaus. Some services also offer recommendations on how to improve your scores based on the information they receive from the bureaus.

ID theft protection – This service adds an extra layer of protection by monitoring your identity and personal information activity. The goal is to catch any fraudulent activity before it has time to impact your finances negatively.

The Bottomline on Credit Saint vs. Retake My Credit

In the end, when comparing Credit Saint vs. Retake My Credit, both services are attempting to accomplish the same thing: keep an eye on your credit score and notify you of any unusual activity. However, there are minor distinctions between them that you should consider while deciding which service to utilize. Finally, it boils down to personal preference, so do what feels right for your personal credit situation when deciding between Credit Saint vs. Retake My Credit – and happy monitoring!

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