Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards: Which Cash Rewards App is Better?

Posted on September 10, 2021 in Money

Cashback rewards aren’t a new concept, but cashback apps like Ibotta and Fetch rewards are a relatively new phenomenon.  As plastic outdid paper and email raced past postal it was inevitable in the days of mobile we’d get something like cash apps to simplify the rewards process.  When you look at how they work and compare the different programs such as Ibotta vs Fetch, cashback apps help make your shopping more productive.  Probably the two most popular apps are Ibotta and Fetch Rewards.  For people who like to save and are looking for better ways to do it, it’s worth putting these two programs side by side to see which is the better fit. 

What Are Cashback Apps like Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards?

A cashback app is a program that offers rebates on purchases.  Everything from frequent-flier miles to coupon clippings has taught consumers the value of being rewarded for their patronage.  Cashback apps are just a way of putting that service in the palm of your hand.  The apps register your purchases, usually by allowing you to scan or photograph your receipts into the app.  You can set up alerts or other prompts.  If you like, you can often use multiple rebate apps for the same purchases.  The apps make it convenient for you to include them in your next shopping trip.  They update quickly and keep your rewards history for you.  The rewards themselves come back to you in a variety of ways.  You can receive a direct rebate that may be sent to a bank account once it reaches a certain threshold.  You can receive coupons for price saving reductions, or you can receive points to be redeemed for a wide range of purchasing offers.   Both Fetch Rewards and Ibotta offer their own ways of handling these tasks.  Sometimes their methods are identical; at other times the process is particular to the individual program. 

How Do You Use Fetch Rewards?  

At the heart of Fetch Rewards is the process of scanning your purchase receipts.  This allows you to earn rewards every single time you use the app.  In the comparison of Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards, Fetch keeps the process simple.  You can use receipts from any store or any online purchase.  This means every e-receipt or street vendor purchase can generate rewards.  The user only has to snap a picture or use the app’s ‘e-receipt’ button to register a purchase.  Sometimes Fetch rewards offer special promotions; they extend incentives to engage the user and hold their attention.  Fetch Rewards will give away points in exchange for purchasing a particular product at a particular store.  Special offers are automatically credited once you accept them, without having to go through additional data input or new listings.  Fetch operates quickly.  It takes less than ten seconds to scan a receipt.  A soon as the application opens you see announcements for special offers and coupon codes. Fetch puts the most attractive bargains upfront, so you see them easily.  That keeps you from wasting time searching for bargains and lets you get on with your shopping online or in-person. 

How Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta also gives rewards via the receipt-scanning process.  On top of that method, it adds a payment percentage system and makes use of a browser extension to become more involved in your purchases.  Ibotta lets customers earn cash by receiving rebates in a fixed amount or as a percentage of their purchases.  This method may not be as straightforward and simple as other apps, but it provides more options for making money

Ibotta allows online and in-store purchases on most items.  Before going shopping a user inputs their shopping selections with Ibotta.  Once they’ve finished their purchases and submitted their receipts, Ibotta tallies the eligible items and records the rewards they receive.  This can be done for a full shopping list or a la carte, but it must be completed to generate any rewards. 

Ibotta prompts you about the amount of rebate you’ll receive when you make online purchases.  This automation saves you time by applying your savings at the point of sale.  You don’t have to waste effort keeping track of Ibotta’s special offers, though the app does also allow you to manually browse and make your own decisions.  Customers can use whichever method works best for them.  Ibotta also lets users buy gift cards to take advantage of immediate discounts.  It has offers and arrangements with more than seventy popular vendors and is applicable to thousands of items. 

How Are Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards Applications Similar?

Since both Fetch Rewards and Ibotta are cashback apps with broad services, it’s not surprising they have a lot in common.  Let’s look at some of the similarities.  These common features don’t necessarily make the apps interchangeable, but they give you a sense of what you get if you’re trying to make a choice. 

  • Both Apps Require Receipts – The Ibotta and Fetch Rewards app both require you to show a receipt of your purchase.  For physical purchases they both require pictures of your receipts or scans.  They each have a way to acknowledge online or other electronic receipts.  Both apps give you at least a week to record your receipt.  That allows you to complete the process in your own time and according to your own schedule. 
  • Both Ibotta and Fetch Rewards Apps Have Cash Out Methods – Everyone prefers actual money.  Each of these applications has a way for you to take rewards as a direct cash withdrawal.  The user’s bank account can be connected, as can several popular online cash apps.  Each app requires you to reach a dollar amount threshold before you are eligible for a cash transfer.  You can also take out your cash in the form of a retailer-specific gift card.  Gift card options for both Ibotta vs Fetch rewards apps are very extensive.
  • Fetch and Ibotta Apps Are both Free – As always, nothing beats free.  There is no fee for downloading and using either app.  That means all your earnings are ‘profit’ and come directly to you. 
  • Both Apps Are Easy to Use – Each of the apps is easy to use.  If you have enough tech savvy to use an ATM, you have more than enough to use these apps. 
  • Ibotta and Fetch Let You Earn with A Variety of Retailers – Both apps have tremendous earning potential.  They let you earn rewards on purchases from literally hundreds of stores, including convenience stores, grocery stores, and more.  There’s almost no limit on products and no ceiling on dollar amounts. 
  • Both Have Multiple Redemption Options – The redemption methods are varied.  We mentioned the cash out method in particular.  You also have the option to designate a charity or other institution as the recipient of the rewards.  Sweepstakes entries and other unusual methods are also available. 
  • Both Cashback Apps Offer Referral Bonuses – Both these apps reward you for spreading the word.  If you bring in new users, and they make purchases, you get rewarded.  This usually comes in the form of bonus points that eventually lead to cash savings and rebates. 

How Are Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards Applications Different?

Despite their similarities, when comparing Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards apps there are several key differences. 

  • Receipt Scanning Method – Even though both apps require you to scan receipts, they don’t use the same method.  Fetch lets you scan any receipt and get a reward.  If one of the products you purchased has a special offer, you get extra rewards.  With some online purchases, you can link to your email account and rewards will be tallied automatically.  With Ibotta you have to generate a list of the offers you want, then do your shopping and purchasing of those items before you scan your receipts.  With some stores you even have to scan the barcodes of the purchases with Ibotta.  If you don’t find any offers, then your receipts are no good to you. 
  • Earning Capability – Ibotta does give you more ways to earn then Fetch.  Ibotta lets you link the loyalty accounts you have with eligible retailers to your Ibotta app.  You can then earn rewards on eligible purchases without having to scan any receipts.  Equally unique to Ibotta is the browser extension for its app.  The app alerts users to offers on websites they visit.  With the clicks of their purchase the users then earn points with the Ibotta app. 
  • Cash Out Thresholds – Fetch and Ibotta have different thresholds for releasing cash transfers.  Fetch lets you do cash-out after you build 3,000 points, which translates into three dollars.  Ibotta doesn’t allow transfers until you have a minimum of twenty dollars in your account. 
  • Timing – Fetch allows you to earn rewards every time you upload a receipt.  You earn anywhere from five to twenty-five points per receipt.  The receipts can be from any venue and for any purchase.  Ibotta has restrictions on when you can upload and what gets you rewards.  Fetch gives you fourteen days from the date of purchase to upload receipts, while Ibotta only gives you seven. 
  • Prescriptions – Finally, Fetch lets you earn money on prescription drug purchases.  They have a program called SingleCare that lets you show a code to pharmacists to see if you can get savings on your prescriptions. 

Ibotta vs Fetch Rewards: Which Is Better?

In theory Ibotta and Fetch have several similarities, but because of their different methodologies, their differences may feel huge during real world use.  In terms of quality of service neither app comes away with a clear edge.  Whether you use one or the other exclusively, or keep them both available, it’s really a matter of tastes and preferences.  Each app has its strong suits and shows versatility across a number of parameters.  In the end, when deciding between Ibotta vs Fetch, it may be useful to think of both apps as well-crafted tools.  Do you need a hammer or a pair of pliers?  It probably depends on what you’re trying to build. 

FAQ’s About Ibotta vs Fetch

When weighing the Ibotta vs Fetch rewards app there are several questions people also ask. We’ve laid these out below.

Is Fetch Rewards Better Than Ibotta?

With its numerous earning options, Ibotta outperforms Fetch Rewards. For example, if you shop at an eligible retailer and link your loyalty account to the Ibotta app, you can earn rewards automatically without having to scan any receipts.

Is There a Better App Than Ibotta?

Fortunately, there are numerous free shopping apps, such as Ibotta, that can assist you in saving money on everyday purchases. Not all cash-back apps offer the same deals, and there are now a plethora of other free mobile apps that offer rebates for various grocery items or shopping trips. You can never have too many options when it comes to saving money, and you may even consider cash advance apps like Albert as an alternative to a cash rewards app.

Can You Use The Same Receipt for Ibotta and Fetch?

You can, fortunately, upload the same receipt to Fetch Rewards, Ibotta, and other shopping apps. In some cases, the Fetch and Ibotta apps feature identical offers for the same items. This makes it an excellent way to earn extra money by uploading the same receipt to multiple cash reward apps.

Which Rebate App is The Best?

Ibotta claims to have more grocery and other product offers than any other app within their app. As a result, it is regarded as one of the best rebate app options available today. Other than the Ibotta vs Fetch debate, there are a plethora of other excellent options in the app store, many of which have received rave reviews. Cash-back apps can help you automate your finances and grow your wealth by giving you discounts, rebates, or points to use on future purchases, making any app worth considering.

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