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Posted on April 22, 2021 in Money

If you’re looking to steady your income, this review is for you, as Steady is a side hustle and income platform to add to your search. Founded in 2017, Steady is a free app that can help you find local, part-time, and gig income opportunities. Steady also includes personalized money-making resources and tools to maximize your income.

If you’re wondering if the Steady app is legit, just take a look at their recent placement in the 2022 Inc. 5000 list of most successful companies in America. Steady ranked 86 out of 5,000, with a 3-year growth of 4,913% as they continue to help more non-traditional workers make better-informed decisions about how they earn and manage their money. Learn all about Steady, including how to earn more, manage your income, make money in an emergency, and find the right earning situation for you.

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Our Steady Review: What Is Steady?

Steady is a mobile application that brings together a huge range of verified income opportunities. There are tons of ways to make money for any lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for one-day opportunities, recurring side-gigs, regular part-time, or even full-time positions, you can explore plenty of options on Steady.

The Steady income experience would stand out with just these features. Other sites focus only on full-time work, so it can be a challenge to find the right temporary or flexible positions for your situation. However, Steady goes above and beyond in its mission to support gig workers and non-traditional earners. 

Members can apply for emergency cash grants of up to $1,000 through The Workers Lab. This assistance program makes Steady an outstanding resource.

Beyond advocating for improved income resources, Steady also offers other useful tools to help you track your income, an important aspect of any non-traditional or gig earner’s financial situation. 

How Does Steady Work: Exploring Income Opportunities

Your Steady income journey begins with a short questionnaire designed to help you find positions that would match to your situation best. The survey asks about your interests, education, qualifications, professional licenses, pay scale, and more. 

After you complete this initial survey, Steady will recommend earnings opportunities that fit your needs. You can filter these by location, posting date, industry, and more. Expect to find an interesting mix of digital, virtual, delivery, and physical positions. Whether you’d rather take a more traditional route, or earn within the gig economy, you can find it on Steady.


The Steady app includes gig economy resources from rideshare, restaurant delivery, shopping delivery apps, and more. If you’re not able to use a car for gig economy work, simply include that information in your initial survey to further personalize your options. 

Part-Time and Full-Time Earnings

If you’re looking for more regular earnings than the occasional gig or side hustle, you can also search for part-time and full-time opportunities.

Recently Added

You can even filter your results to see the most recently added positions. Sort from one day ago to one month ago as you look for what’s fresh.

Steady’s Features

Steady is more than simply a list of available earning opportunities. You can also use this app to manage your finances and bounce back from emergency expenses.

Track Your Earnings

Get the full picture about your income when you connect your deposit accounts to your Steady profile. The Steady app also organizes all your income sources into one verified PDF. Tools like this are hugely valuable to gig workers, freelancers, and anyone bringing in multiple income streams. Or, you can track personal income trends to create an optimized, organized, and realistic budget that can help you reach your earning potential:

  • Track multiple income streams
  • Get personalized insights
  • Export your income sources and expenses into one PDF spreadsheet
  • Get deeper insights into key details from employers, like specific paycheck and earnings data

Steady Pros

Steady offers a full suite of valuable services. Here are some of the most impressive features you’ll enjoy.

  • Variety. Unlike other sites offering jobs, you’ll find an interesting mix of opportunities and income resources with Steady
  • Employer Insights. Search for jobs based on income potential, plus explore employer data so you know what to expect
  • Income Boosters. Steady partners with a variety of financial products that improve your monetary situation while offering cash signing rewards, just for taking action to improve your financial health
  • Emergency Money. Steady offers an emergency cash grant program that’s truly unique. If you ever lose your employment or are facing an emergency, you can apply for a cash grant of up to $1,000 to help ends meet
  • Income Tracking. It can be hard to stay on top of your finances when you’re working a mix of gigs. Use Steady’s income tracking service to see exactly where your money is coming and going

Signing Up & Navigating Steady

The Steady app is easy to download and join from the app store on your device. The app supports both iOS and Android, so it works on most smartphones. 

Steady Login

Follow these steps when you log in to Steady for the first time.

  1. Create an account. You’ll enter your first and last name, phone number, and email address. You can also enable notifications if you’d like.
  2. Create a secure password.
  3. Steady will text a confirmation code to your phone number. Enter this code to authenticate your account.
  4. Link Steady to your deposit account using Plaid, the same secure technology used by Venmo. Your credentials aren’t saved by Steady. From here, you can set income goals, receive Income Booster payments, and monitor your progress while you earn.
  5. Answer a few brief questions to help Steady learn about your financial situation.
  6. You’re ready to start searching for earnings opportunities and Income Boosters.


The Steady app uses your questionnaire responses to find personalized opportunities for you to earn money. You can see your earnings recommendations from the app’s main screen. Simply scroll down to see open positions by filter, either Gigs, Part-Time, Work From Home, and/or Recently Added. 

How Do You Apply For Gigs On Steady?

When you see an opportunity that interests you on Steady, it’s easy to apply. Simply tap to see the full description. From there, you can quickly and easily apply within the app.

Steady Member Benefits

Join Steady and you’ll discover perks other sites simply don’t offer. Steady lists a robust range of ways to earn that fit any needs, whether you’re looking for a one-time gig, a regular 9-5, or some extra money to get through today. Steady goes beyond income resources by also providing financial tools including budget tracking and emergency funding.

Steady App Benefits

Steady High Demand Positions

As part of its range of earning options, Steady features high-demand positions with a genuine hiring need. Seasonal and frontline positions, up-and-coming startups, and other companies turn to Steady to meet genuine hiring needs.

Emergency Cash Grants

Steady understands that times can be tough, especially among gig workers, part-time employees, and those seeking additional income. To meet these needs, Steady has partnered with The Workers Fund to distribute emergency cash grants. If you’re facing an emergency expense, you can apply for a grant of $100 to $1,000.

Rapid ACH Cash Deposit

Steady is on a mission to help members improve their financial situations. You can explore Income Boosters through Steady and receive rapid rewards for taking action to get your income in shape.

Is Steady The Best Income Option For You?

Steady offers a unique income experience that isn’t available elsewhere. You can explore a truly modern range of income opportunities, plus enjoy other financial tools and resources. Since everything from one-time gigs to traditional full-time positions hand-picked for you at Steady, there’s truly something for everyone. As an added consideration, Steady was recently ranked 86th out of 5,000 on Inc.’s list of America’s most successful companies in 2022. Inc. 5000 is a data-driven list of incredible businesses that are changing the world, and Steady made the top 100 thanks to its 4,913% growth over the last three years.

How Much Money Can You Make On Steady?

Steady App Review

Your ideal earning situation varies depending on your personal skills, location, and effort level, but the company reports that Steady members earn an average of $5,500 of additional income per year. You can set your own financial goals when you create your Steady account. Whether you’re trying to cover a one-time expense, earn extra money from time to time, or even searching for long-term employment, Steady will show you opportunities to help you reach your goals.

Steady Income Boosters

Steady works with financial products that can help you improve your finances. When you take steps to steady your income, you can start to build a safety net and set yourself up for long-term success.

These include Income Boosters, bonuses for signing up and cash rewards for making smart money moves.

Is Steady Legit?

Yes, Steady is legit. The financial aspect is backed by Plaid, industry-leading software that supports Venmo and other major monetary tools. You’ll find verified, legitimate earnings opportunities on Steady. Also be sure to check out the excellent Steady testimonials and reviews on their site.

Steady Reviews on Trustpilot

Steady advocates for millions of people transforming the way Americans earn their income. That is why they have created a platform to assist their community in lifting their earnings and planning for a financially secure future. 
Today, the Steady community numbers well over 5 million members and is still growing. This is demonstrated by consistent Steady reviews on Trustpilot and its 4,913% growth over the last three years, placing it 86th out of 5,000 on Inc’s list of most successful companies in 2022.

Who Is Steady Best For?

Steady offers a range of positions. Every earner should explore this platform. you may find that Steady is exactly what they’ve been searching for.

Side Hustlers

If you’re looking for flexible opportunities to fit your current responsibilities, Steady is the place to start. You can explore gigs, one-time opportunities, flexible positions, and more.

Freelancers And Independent Contractors

Short-term and long-term contract positions are available on Steady. You can find a variety of project lengths, complexities, and more.

Full-Time Income Seekers

The Steady app is great for sourcing side gigs so you can create your own full-time schedule. You can also explore full-time and career-track positions. Simply search for ‘Full-time’ to view these.

College Students And New Grads

If you’ve just graduated or are about to, Steady can help you round out your resume. You can look for your first professional position, try out a variety of part-time positions to see what’s a good fit for your needs, or explore other gigs while you wrap up your education.


When you’re ready to go into business for yourself, it’s important to build a base of customers and clients. Find promising leads for work in your field through Steady.

If you liked our review of Steady, be sure to check out our other top side hustles.

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