Brighter Loans Review 2023

Posted on September 8, 2021 in Loans

Brighter Loans is a company with a vision firmly rooted in empowering its customers financially.  It’s been said the only cure to poverty is money.  In that sense Brighter Loans would appear to be heavily invested in the cure.  Brighter Loans provides a quick and uncomplicated free loan service. 

The company processes a prospective borrower, checks their eligibility, then connects them with a potential lending partner.  If the borrower successfully makes a deal with that lending institution, money appears in the borrowers bank account, often as early as the next business day.

Firmly specified terms allow the borrower to pay back the loan over time.  A review of Brighter Loans shows that they aren’t a lending institution, but merely a service that provides introduction. That said, Brighter Loans has connected thousands of lenders and borrowers in the past and has a noticeably positive response from their previous users. 

What Is A Personal (Installment) Loan?

With the usual Payday loan the borrower is required to pay back the full amount quickly.  Payment is due often in less than a month.  A personal loan, on the other hand, lets the borrower take longer to pay.  That repayment is scheduled in regular intervals.  Installment loan repayment amounts are usually in equal increments, though the final payment may sometimes be smaller or greater.  The repayments come from the borrowers bank account automatically.  Loan payments take place on dates agreed upon by the lender and the borrower.  This gives the borrower flexibility and time to get the payments ready.  It also allows the borrower to deal with emergencies or other financial difficulties that may arise unexpectedly from time to time. 

How Does Brighter Loans Work?

Brighter Loans provides a refreshingly straightforward process.  There are three simple steps to how Brighter Loans works.

  1. Fill out Brighter Loans easy-to-use online form.  This allows the borrower to be connected with a lending partner. 
  2. The borrower waits for a decision online. The decision usually comes in a matter of minutes. 
  3. After approval, the borrower agrees to the terms and conditions of the lender’s loan offer.  The borrower signs the lender’s loan agreement electronically.  After coming to terms the borrower may expect funds quickly; often money is deposited as soon as the next business day. 

Throughout this process, it should be noted that Brighter Loans doesn’t act as a lender, broker or bank.  Brighter Loans is merely a facilitating service, connecting borrowers to lenders free of charge.  When a prospective borrower is contacted by a lender, the lender will discuss borrowing and repayment options with them.  A borrower should place close attention to any terms and conditions.  Likewise, all interested parties are encouraged to check out Brighter Loans terms and conditions, to have a complete understanding of the service Brighter Loans provides. 

What Are Brighter Loans’ Rates And Fees?

Brighter Loans is always free to its users. It provides a service that is free of charge throughout the Brighter Loans experience, connecting visitors with lenders who are ready to offer personal loans ranging up to $35,000. Brighter Loans doesn’t charge for connecting the borrower with the lender.  It doesn’t charge for using its forms or browsing its web site.  Because Brighter Loans isn’t a lender, it has no access to lender’s fees or rates and doesn’t provide any information regarding payments or terms the borrower may encounter.  Brighter Loans always insists that borrowers who come to their site pay close attention to the terms and interest rate they get from lenders.  Brighter Loans lets borrowers know that Brighter Loans has no knowledge or control over any lender’s terms.  Brighter Loans acts comfortably within both the spirit and letter of the Truth In Lending Act.  This gives the Brighter Loans’ users confidence in Brighter Loans’ position as a neutral facilitator throughout the process.  

What Are The Requirements For Using The Brighter Loans Service?

There are, of course, certain basic requirements for using the Brighter Loans service.  You must meet these requirements in order to continue and be connected to a lender.  Other conditions may apply as well. 

  • You must be eighteen (18) years of age.
  • You must be a United States citizen or permanent resident.
  • You must have a valid checking or savings account that allows direct deposit. 
  • You must earn a minimum monthly income of at least eight hundred dollars ($800)

You have to meet these requirements and fill out the Brighter Loans online form to be connected with a lender.  Once a lender contacts you, you decide whether or not to agree to terms with that lender.  Please remember Brighter Loans is not a broker or facilitator of your agreement with any lender. 

FAQ’s About Brighter Loans

Here are some frequently asked questions that it helps to have answered when you use Brighter Roads service. 

  • Is my personal and financial information secure?  –  Brighter Loans respects your personal information.  The site uses advanced 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. This applies to all your personal data transmitted between Brighter Loan’s website and your browser. 
  • What if I have bad credit? – Brighter Loans tries to work with you no matter what your credit history.  Though requirements may differ from lender to lender, Brighter Loans makes an effort to connect you to a lender who is comfortable providing you with a loan.  You should peruse Brighter Loans basic requirements to see how well you qualify. That will give all borrowers a better idea of what to expect when pursuing a loan with bad credit
  • What is an installment loan or cash advance? – Unlike a traditional Payday loan an installment loan lets you pay over time.  These loans allow you to make scheduled payments that are usually equal in amount (though final payments may vary). 
  • What information do I need to complete the form? – You only need your income information, name, address and banking details to complete the Brighter Loans form.
  • How quickly can I get money deposited into my checking account?  –  Funds are often deposited into a lender’s bank account as soon as the next business day.  Occasionally lenders need additional information, so that may add to the time in some instances. 
  • What are the requirements for an installment loan?  –  There are basic individual requirements that every lender needs to approve you for a loan.  Lenders decide if you are eligible by looking at your income, state of residency and credit history.  Even before that you must be a U.S. citizen, be at least eighteen years old, make a minimum of eight hundred dollars a month and have a checking or savings account that accepts direct deposit.  Once a lender approves you they may have additional requirements for you.  Brighter Loans suggests all users fill out their forms thoroughly and truthfully to improve their chances with lenders.  As always, Brighter Loans has no influence or control over a lender’s and borrower’s agreement. 
  • Where do I find my ABA/Routing Number and account number?  –  Both these numbers are printed on the personal checks from your bank.  You may also call your bank or check online to get the correct information.
  • How long do I have to pay the loan back?  –  The length of your loan varies by state.  Installment loans are paid on consecutive pay periods.  Your actual dates and loan amount will be determined when your loan is approved. 
  • How do I pay back the loan?  –  The loan agreement you sign allows the lender to transfer funds from your bank account on the date the payment is due.  Your payments may be reported to a credit-reporting agency.  Signing up for automatic payments and paying on time can impact your credit score positively. 
  • What happens if I pay back my loan late?  –  Fees and collection proceedings (or both) may be assessed and initiated if you make late payments.  All actions are dependent upon the policies of individual lenders.  Borrowers should check with their lenders to know the precise terms. 
  • What happens if I do not pay back the loan at all?  –  Failure to pay leads to collection.  Every lender has their own policies regarding loan default.  Borrowers should check with their lenders to know the exact terms. 

What Is The Renewal Policy For These Types Of Loans?

Individual lenders have different renewal policies.  Alternative payment options may result in a renewal, but also bring additional fees.  Renewal can also add more interest, which will make the total repayment amount higher.  Renewal policies are set by the individual lender, and regulated by the state where you live.  You should look carefully at your lender’s policies and be aware of what they are.  Call your lender directly to have the policies spelled out specifically.  Tell your lenders Brighter Loans connected you to them.  They should help you with the information you need.  If you have any trouble contacting your lender, please get in contact with Brighter Loans for assistance in reaching them. 

Why Use Brighter Loans?

  • They provide a free service
  • Dependable and trustworthy company
  • Rapid outcomes
  • Personal loans up to $35,000
  • No fuss, simple process
  • Funds are available as soon as next business day

Brighter Loans cares about its users.  When a prospective borrower comes to Brighter Loans they know they will get an objective assessment of their financial worth.  Brighter Loans makes a good-faith effort to connect every borrower with a lender.  Brighter Loans is not an advocate, but it wants to see the borrower and lender enter a successful business relationship.  All Brighter Loans efforts are about making connections and gaining information.  It offers all services free of charge and remains a neutral party to bring lenders and borrowers together.     

Brighter Loans Reviews: See What Users Say About Them

2019 Brighter Loans Testimonials

“The best thing was the speed and ease of use. Glad I was able to use them and will use them in the future if needed.”– J. S.

“Great service and customer service, fast delivery of funds.” – J. V.

“Received quick response from my inquiry and then received a prompt phone call explaining the loan offer.” – B. S.

“Great service and great representatives! Will definitely use again!” – J. S.

2017 Brighter Loans Testimonials

“Good website easy to use and all information required for terms and conditions at a touch of a button” – K. J.

“I was pleased with the service” – K. McC

“It was simple and easy to use fast pay out, good rates” – D. D.

“I like your service” – L. C.

“Very good service” – J. A.

“Easy website” – K. S.

2016 Brighter Loans Testimonials

“Simple to use and secure interface to use for loan applications and if any assistance is required they are always happy to help applicants through the process” – J.S., Jul 2016

“Professional service very good” – S.J, Jul 2016

“Overall very good service” – P.R, Jul 2016

“The application was fairly straight forward and there is no waiting on results” – K.P., Jul 2016

“Excellent company would definitely recommend” – L.G., Jun 2016

“Quick, easy, fast Would use this service again very easy” – M., Jun 2016

2014 Brighter Loans Testimonials

“This was the first time I applied for a payday loan and I definitely would use this site again. The whole process was quick and easy and I got the money the same day.” – L.M., Feb 2014

“Although I changed my mind in the end and did not go through with the application I like the service as it was easy to use and it was speedy.” – J. H. B., May 2014

“Got the money I asked for within one hour – fantastic service.” – R.H., April 2014

“Straight forward process, no fuss, easy to apply and receive funds. They found the right loan for me. I would apply through this site again.” – M. W. , Jan 2014

“Very fast and good service. I received the money within one hour – far better than some of the other sites I looked at.” – J.G., Jan 2014

“I have used payday loans a couple of times and I found this site easy to use. I would use this site again and i would recommend it to a friend as the decision made was quick and funds were received straight away.” – R.B., May 2014

2013 Brighter Loans Testimonials

“There has been a lot of stigma surrounding payday loans of late and this and of cause can be somewhat off-putting at times. It can be difficult to know who to trust with so many lenders out there today but I’m glad to say that I made the choice for me! Its great to know there is a provider I can trust! It was a simple and straightforward procedure and the costs were up-front and clear and I received my funds much sooner than anticipated. Thanks!” – Fiona F.

“A Very good, quick and efficient service” – Marc M.

“The service standard was good compared to other companies” – James W.

“The best thing about using the website is its simplicity” – Krista E.

“Quickness is the best thing about using the website” – Carole J.

“One of the responsible providers out there that provide help to those that truly need it and can afford to repay it” – Carl S.

“Really good and simple service” – Joseph G.

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