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Posted on October 25, 2021 in Debt

If you’re searching for information on minority farmer debt relief you’ve come to the right place. For the longest time, the minority has had to fight so many battles on their own to seek fairness and justice in all domains. Unfortunately, that has not been achieved, and now legal experts must help minority farmers and ranchers seek the justice they need.  The USDA discrimination continues today as a 2020 analysis indicates that only 37% of Black applicants received loans from the agency compared to 70% of white farmers who had applied for similar loans.

In this post, we will talk about the discrimination against minority farmers and the challenges they are currently facing concerning farm debt relief. We will also give you detailed information about how TurboDebt can help these farmers pay their debt easily.

Challenges faced by Farmers of Color

Farmers of color have faced discrimination for the longest time now. After the end of slavery, black farmers owned more than 16 million acres. Currently, that has changed, and farmers of color own less than 4.7 million acres. That is a huge difference considering that slavery was abolished around 1910.

The huge change is an indication of a problem that needs to be addressed. To continue farming, farmers need loans for expansion, planting, buying seeds and harvesting. Despite this common knowledge, the USDA often discriminate against farmers of color, with the majority failing to secure a loan. Those who secure the loans find it difficult to pay off the debt because of their strict policies and farming challenges.

What’s Being Done to Fight the Lawsuit’s Against the Minority Farmer Debt Relief Program?

To address the issue, the United States Department of Agriculture established a newly formed equity commission that will conduct a comprehensive structural review of the Minority Farmer Debt Relief Program. Furthermore, the commission will advise the Secretary of Agriculture and provide USDA with an analysis of how its programs, policies, systems, structures, and practices contribute to barriers to inclusion or access, systemic discrimination, or exacerbate or perpetuate racial, economic, health, and social disparities, as well as recommendations for action.

Examples of Minority Farmer’s In Need of a Debt Relief Program

The situation has worsened since the COVID-19 outbreak, yet all measures taken to help these farmers seems futile. Abraham Carpenter, a black farmer in Arkansas, is among the many farmers of color who are now deep into debt and have received no assistance whatsoever from the government.

Carpenter grows fruits and vegetables in a 1500-acre piece of land. COVID-19 affected the food supply chains, which means that his farming was also affected. Additionally, heavy rains and floods affected his farm’s productivity. Thanks to these challenges, Carpenter currently owes the USDA a total of $200,000. Carpenter is just one of approximately 20,000 farmers of color who have such debts.

The American Rescue Plan Act had authorized the USDA payments to farmers as of January 1 2021. The Act would ensure that the USDA pay the FSA and FSFL up to 120% of the loan balances. They also gave information on how to apply for minority farmer debt relief. Below are the details on the American Rescue Plan Act.

How to Participate in Minority Farmer Debt Relief

Those who are eligible for the minority farmer debt relief would first receive letters from the FSA from May 24. More information regarding Guaranteed Loans would then be given within 120 days. The applicants would then read the letters carefully to understand the terms and conditions.

After reading, they are to sign the letters and return them to the FSA. Eligible borrowers are allowed to ask any questions without any charges from the FSA employees. They will also receive help in filling any documents required.

Although this Act was implemented to offer USDA socially disadvantaged farmers debt relief, farmers of color have not received benefits until now. There have been numerous challenges thrown at the minority communities, hindering them from receiving any financial assistance.

These issues of racism and discrimination were addressed in Congress, and great progress was made towards achieving farm debt forgiveness. Passing in March 2021, Congress enacted the Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act. The Act authorized a total of $4 billion under the American Rescue Plan farm loan forgiveness. The plan was to eliminate 120% of the loans owed to USDA under USDA farm loan forgiveness.

The farm loan forgiveness funds were expected to be released in June, but numerous lawsuits have hindered the process. About 13 lawsuits were filed across the country claiming reverse racism and discrimination since the program was only meant to provide financial aid to farmers of color. With the much delay and numerous lawsuits, the farmers of color will likely not receive this financial aid.

The Emergency Relief Act was formulated to address historical discrimination of the farmers of color and the socially disadvantaged farmers. During the terms, the socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers COVID relief program was created to boost the farmers.

However, discrimination and unfairness were also witnessed. Black farmers received a total of $20.8 million, while white farmers received $26 billion. This huge difference is a clear indication of how systemic racism is present in all domains. Additionally, white farmers received 99% of all the Congress aid released during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although we are hopeful that the situation regarding minority loan forgiveness will be resolved, matters may worsen if the supreme court gets involved. Farmers of color need to seek other debt relief services rather than wait for FSA farm loan forgiveness that may never happen.

TurboDebt is a relief company that will help you clear your debts in as little as than 48 months. Read on to learn more about TurboDebt, its debt relief strategies, and how a minority farmer may benefit.

TurboDebt Can Help with Minority Farmer Debt Relief

It is challenging for many people to repay their debts. If you are a farmer of color, worry not because TurboDebt is here for you. The good this is that you can be sure to receive the help you need without any form of discrimination.

TurboDebt is a debt relief company that will offer you debt relief solutions and further help you manage your money in future. To make sure you get the best loan facilities, the company allows its clients to participate in selecting the debt relief program that will suit their needs.

TurboDebt is a reputable company with more than 700 Google 5-star reviews. Working with them is a guarantee that you will get the best services per your needs. The company can help you achieve your financial goals through:

1. Strategic Planning

The company has a financial expert who will first examine your financial picture. They will then pinpoint the challenges that you have been facing and how to go about such challenges. Additionally, these experts will help you strategize ways to settle your debts within the shortest time. TurboDebt involves you in all these processes, so you will not feel left out.

2. Advising

Everyone in debt seeks debt relief services to achieve debt recovery. The process may not be as easy, so you need professional help. TurboDebt gives you advice on how to balance your priorities to avoid more debt.

3. Debt Relief Consultation

Unlike other debt-relief services, TurboDebt gives you debt consultation services with the first session free of charge. Its experts prioritize the needs of their clients and will offer consultation services to help you have a plan for security and stability.

TurboDebt offers additional services such as:

  • Free debt relief quote and savings estimates with no obligation
  • Education about potential alternatives to bankruptcy
  • You get a 100% FREE Initial consultation
  • Help you settle your debts between 24 and 48 months.

How does Minority Farmer Debt Relief work?

Because TurboDebt offers debt relief services, you have to be informed in detail about the whole process. Debt relief programs are an easy way to achieve financial freedom. It is never easy to settle all your debts, but you have to look for strategies that suit your needs.

Its important to note that TurboDebt does not help you pay monthly payments to your creditors. However, they will help you negotiate for better terms, which may lower your interest rates and the overall debt in the long run.

There are five main options for debt relief if you’re a minority farmer, namely:

  1. Credit counselling
  2. Debt management
  3. Debt settlement
  4. Bankruptcy
  5. Debt consolidation

Experts will help you decide which form of debt relief will be appropriate for you based on your financial situation. For the most part, Bankruptcy is the last resort as it may affect your credit score for the longest time.

You may choose to go for debt consolidation with the help of experts. Debt consolidation involves combining your small multiple loans into one huge loan. This technique will help you find better loan payment terms that might include reduced monthly payments and interest rates.

You may also decide to settle your debts as they are. You can use the debt snowball method to pay off your debts, from the smallest to the largest. You may look for other side hustles to help you settle your debts much faster. TurboDebt will give you guidance on consumer credit, money management and budgeting.

There are several debt settlements programs that allow you to pay a lump sum to your creditors. The company will help you negotiate with your creditors to pay less than the amount you owed. While this may sound like the best option, your credit score might be affected. Furthermore, not all creditors will agree to reduce your debts.

The good thing is that TurboDebt explains to you all these debt relief forms, giving you the advantages and disadvantages of all of them before you can select your preferred program. Remember that the final decision is in your hands.

Get Minority Farmer Debt Relief Today

Despite the hot debates concerning the end of racism in the nation, it is unfortunate that the minority remain oppressed until now. Farmers of color, in particular, have been suffering for the longest time since they receive very little attention from mainstream media. It is about time that the current Biden administration address these issues once and for all and find debt relief for minority farmers. For those farmers in huge debts, worry not, as TurboDebt will help you settle your debts in as little as 48 months. Everything is possible, and we encourage African American and family farms to reach out for debt relief today.

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