Steps To Financially Prepare For A Divorce

Posted on July 18, 2022 in Debt

Divorce can be a trying time in one’s life. While it can be highly challenging, learning how to plan for separation financially is critical. Whatever the circumstances, according to The Goldberg Legal Group, you will be forced to have hard conversations and prepare for a long and complex procedure to begin the next chapter in your life. Here are some steps that you should consider to prepare for a divorce financially.

1. Locate Your Financial Records

Finding all your financial records should be the first step on your divorce checklist. As soon as you realize your marriage is on the verge of dissolution, it would help if you began organizing all of your financial documents. Below is the paperwork to start your search:

  • Tax Returns
  • Account statements
  • Details on loans
  • Data on retirement accounts
  • Declarations of investment accounts
  • Information on work experience
  • Statements of Social Security

You may discover that you will require some time to collect and arrange your financial records. As a result, you should begin planning for a divorce as soon as possible. You can save time and money in legal proceedings if you have all of your files in one place.

2. Create a List of All Your Marital Assets and Liabilities

Evaluating your marital assets and liabilities is vital for preparing for a divorce. Any investments or debts procured during the relationship are considered marital assets and liabilities. These investments and loans could be obtained collectively or by one spouse. It is also worth noting that any debts incurred by you or your partner during your wedding must be included in your total marital liabilities. You may also consider working through a debt relief program first if you think you might have too much debt to get divorced.

3. Think About Your Non-marital Assets

Non-marital assets, as opposed to marital assets, are any property acquired before the marriage. But the estate you had before your wedding will most likely stay your property. Similarly, any debt you accumulated before the marriage will almost certainly remain your obligation.

The process of completing a divorce can result in significant legal fees. Carefully evaluate the average legal fees in your area. Begin saving once you know how much your legal costs will be.

5. Modify Your Will

As you go through this significant life change, you should think about how it impacts your will, if you have one. You most likely do not want your ex-partner to acquire your property. As a result, you should take a little time to ascertain your new recipients and update your will.

To begin preparing for divorce while safeguarding your investments, you should update your estate plan. If you don’t already have a will, you should make one. You might not be able to eliminate your spouse from the will till the divorce is final, which varies by state. So, you need to take action as soon as possible.

6. Change The Beneficiaries on Your Accounts

Aside from your will, you most likely have accounts in which your spouse is named as a beneficiary. Your retirement account, insurance policy, or investment accounts are some examples. You should change the beneficiary classification on these transactions as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts on How to Prepare For a Divorce Financially

If your divorce is not yet completed, some adjustments may necessitate your spouse’s written consent. If this is the situation, you could perhaps seek legal advice before proceeding.

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