Best Car Insurance Comparison Sites & How to Use Them

Posted on February 1, 2021 in Insurance

If you want the best deal on car insurance, you need to get several quotes and compare. Car insurance companies always look at some basic things, but each has its own way of formulating quotes. This means you will see wide variations in quotes. It’s easiest to compare quotes online, because you can get quotes relatively fast and look at them side-by-side. Read our extensive guide below to help find out which car insurance comparison site is best.

What’s The Best Way to Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online?

Using one site to get your quotes makes the most sense. Many sites pull quotes from multiple car insurance companies. While insurance companies don’t openly share how they build quotes, some companies are better for certain things. For example, a DUI, bad credit, or a poor driving record (tickets / accidents) typically make your insurance premiums go up. Some companies will hike it up more than others though, so do your due diligence. Don’t just assume that a sky high premium is all you can get – be sure to dig deeper into how to cut car insurance costs.

Compare Car Insurance Rates

You can also compare the best car insurance rates based on your vehicle make / model, your age, your gender, and your location. Insurance by state can also vary greatly, so the same driver profile may yield different results across the country. Also, sports cars, for instance, can cost a lot more to insure than a minivan, so you’ll want to shop around to find coverage for your Porsche. Teenage boys are generally more costly to insure, so parents will want to check several different quotes.

Get Multi-Car Insurance Quotes

Insuring all the cars at one address with the same company can save you 25% or more on average. Some companies let roommates get this discount, while family members only qualify with other companies. You can get this discount regardless of your driving history, credit, etc. The multi-car discount will be applied to every vehicle with that company. This means even bigger combined savings! Another bonus to a multi-car discount is that you only have to reach your deductible once for all the cars, not for every single car. So if you back into your daughter’s car and the deductible is $500, you’ll have to pay $500 for both cars, not $1000.

With multi-car coverage, you can sometimes stack your uninsured motorist liability benefits. There are numerous benefits to getting multi-car insurance quotes, so you should compare to see which company can save you the most. One drawback with a multi-car policy is that the coverage needs to be the same on each car. Also, remember that the cars will be looked at as a whole, so multi-car may not be the best fit if one driver has a bad record, but the other has an impeccable record.

Compare Minimum and Full Coverage Rates

Minimum insurance is usually just liability, the bare minimum required by your state law. Full coverage covers not just the other vehicle, but yours too. Full coverage may even get you a brand new car if your car is totaled in an accident. Before you decide between minimum or full coverage rates, compare what you can get for each based on driving record and age. If you plan on doing any delivery driving, you may also want to consider commercial rates – for example, the Shipt car insurance policy requires you to obtain this level of coverage in addition to normal rates.

Compare What the Best Car Insurance is for Bad Credit

Government mandates differ from state to state. Some states forbid car insurance companies from providing rates based on credit scores, while others are allowed to factor in credit. It pays to know how your credit will affect your car insurance quotes. Compare quotes from multiple companies, so you can get the best deal despite a low credit score.

Compare the Best Car Insurance for A Bad Driving Record

If you have more than one speeding ticket or an accident on your record, especially if you were ruled at-fault, then you definitely should shop around for the best rate you can get. Being considered a “bad” driver will raise your premiums, because insurance companies consider you more of a risk. However, that doesn’t mean they will all raise their rates by the same amount. Compare auto insurance rates to be sure you’re getting the lowest possible rate.

Compare Cheap DUI Car Insurance Rates

If you receive a DUI, your company may drop you altogether. Unfortunately, some companies choose not to insure drivers with a DUI on their record. Before you panic, do your research to find a cheap car insurance rate that works with your budget. The companies that do offer coverage for DUIs vary in their average rates. You’re already having to pay court fees and the like, so compare several quotes to see which one comes in the lowest.

How Can I Find the Best and Cheapest Car Insurance Rates?

So where do you go to compare multiple quotes and insurance costs? You could waste time by going to each agency’s website, but the best way is to hit up a one-stop shop comparison site. Don’t just google and hope for the best though. Amidst the legit quote comparison sites, there are imposter sites aka lead generation sites. Once you enter your info, the site could be selling your information to second-parties (insurance companies). Then, you’ll be harassed with spam and robocalls day and night.

Below are a few of the best car insurance comparison sites. These legit sites use real time insurance quotes and accurate car insurance discounts, meaning they provide the latest info so you get the most accurate quotes.

Policy Genius


The Zebra

How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Gather the Necessary Information

Before you begin, have your driver’s license, other necessary personal information, and current auto insurance info handy. To determine the best quote, car insurance comparison sites may ask for your car’s make, model, year, and mileage. There will also be questions about your zip code, marital status, and driving history.

Determine Your Liability Car Insurance and Coverage Amounts

Know that if you choose to go with minimum coverage you’re taking a risk. If you are in an accident, your company will cover the other car and driver, not you. If you cause more damage than your policy covers, then you are responsible for anything that exceeds the liability limits. For collision and comprehensive coverage, a good rule of thumb is to not pay for coverage that’s more than 10% of your car’s cash value minus your deductible. For bodily injury liability, aim for coverage that is approximate to your net worth. This protects you and your assets. 

Compare Car Insurance Quotes with Your Info and Chosen Levels

Once you’ve gathered your materials and determined the coverage and liability you need, you’re ready to start comparing auto insurance quotes. Choose your site with care. As discussed above, some lead generation sites have misleading names such as and will sell your contact info. We recommend comparing quotes every time your auto insurance is up for renewal. You never know what you could save!

How Many Car Insurance Quotes Should I Compare?

To find the best rate, compare at least three quotes. You could even get up to five or six. Carefully look over each quote and the included coverage. Pay close attention to the deductibles and liability limits, so you know what you would get for your money. And lastly, consider bundling your auto with home insurance.

Compare Car Insurance Companies Today

Before speaking with insurance agents and committing to a car insurance policy, we always recommend doing as much research as possible. Take advantage of the best car insurance comparison sites online as a smart first step. You don’t want to hurry through the process and then be stuck with poor coverage and high premiums for six months. To assist in your search, we’ve included below links to some of the best auto insurance companies. 





State Farm





Liberty Mutual

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